Coronation Celebrations


As the coronation of our new King unfolded before the world's eyes, communities across the UK came together to celebrate this special occasion, with our Amica Care homes also taking part in the festivities.

Exmouth House:

Exmouth House received a visit from St Joseph’s Primary School on Friday. The pupils performed a selection of songs and dances, and the residents were thrilled to see the young performers in action. The visit from the primary school was a wonderful reminder of the importance of intergenerational connections and the positive impact they can have on both young and old.

On Coronation Day, residents and colleagues all wore their Union Jack hats and waved their flags as they watched the celebrations in the conservatory. Festivities carried on in the afternoon with a feast fit for a King and Queen (and a glass of Sherry)!

EH Coronation celebrations

Signature House:

Signature House kicked off the festivities on Friday with entertainer Curly the Busker, who came to sing and play for our residents.  

On Coronation Day, residents and colleagues all wore their Union Jack hats and waved their flags as they watched the celebrations. Finally, on Sunday everyone enjoyed an indoor ‘street party’, with Coronation quiche and Coronation chicken.

SH Coronation celebrations

St John’s Court:

Events at St John’s Court kicked off with a Beatles tribute act concert. The performance, which took place on the home’s front lawn, was a huge hit with residents, who sang along to classic Beatles hits like "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be".

On Coronation Day, the residents dined a traditional British buffet whilst watching the coverage of the coronation live on their cinema screen.

On Sunday, residents and colleagues joined the festivities by attending the ‘RocKing the High Street’ in Bromsgrove. A wonderful event attended by the local community. Finally, on Monday, the Home’s Activities team concluded their coronation celebrations with a very festive and traditional high tea and some parlour games.

SJ Coronation celebrations

The Orchards:

The Orchards held a three-day celebration in honour of their Majesties Coronation. The event featured a range of activities such as quizzes, competitions, singing performances, and watching the ceremony on television. The festivities also sparked nostalgic memories among many of the residents, who fondly recalled the late Queen's own Coronation.

It was a fantastic opportunity for residents and colleagues to come together, enjoy some entertainment, and celebrate this special occasion.

TO Coronation celebrations