Day Care

If a brief change of scenery is required then our friendly day care service is a great solution for both you and your loved one. As a carer, daily errands may be easier to complete with a day of respite as well as any necessary adaptations to the home which cannot be done while your relative is with you.

At Amica Care Trust, we see this service as a wonderful way to enhance the day of our short-term guests with plenty of activities and socialisation time. We welcome all of our day residents with warmth and compassion – ensuring that they feel happy and safe in our homely environment. This can come as a welcome change for people living alone at home, who may have little opportunity to meet new people or to interact in a group. With spacious lounges and peaceful gardens, our five care homes offering day care are located in Crewkerne, Exmouth, Dorchester and Bromsgrove.



Further benefits of our day care service include convenient access to district nurses who carry out medical interventions, as well as personalised care from our highly trained staff.  Day residents can also benefit from on-site amenities such as hairdressing and chiropody – an ideal solution for less mobile guests who may be understandably anxious about travel.

Day care is fully focused on providing your loved one with a fun and meaningful day, one that is enriched by socialisation and the opportunity to interact with new people. For some, this may be the perfect way to bridge the transition from living at home to long-term residential care.

If you would like to know more about our day care then please get in touch.

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We currently offer day care in the following locations:


Exmouth House


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Signature House


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The Orchards


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