Bringing Generations Together to Celebrate 100 Years of our BBC

Jigsaw Nursery

Local nursery, Jigsaw, and Maiden Beech School came together to lend their creative touch to our Crewkerne-based home, The Orchards.

This heartwarming collaboration aimed not only to decorate the nursing home for their annual garden competition but also to bridge the generational gap by celebrating the theme "100 Years of Our BBC." Through their artwork and heartfelt efforts, children of all ages brought smiles to the faces of residents and Amica Care colleagues.

The idea of involving the children from Jigsaw and Maiden Beech School stemmed from the Nursing Home's desire to bring a fresh and unique perspective to its garden decorations for the annual competition. Under the guidance of their teachers, the children poured their hearts into creating beautiful drawings, which are now on display throughout the garden and the home. The residents were elated to see the vivid illustrations that brought back cherished memories and highlighted significant moments from their lives.

As the young artists explained the stories behind their drawings to the residents, a heartwarming exchange of experiences and emotions took place. The children were captivated by the elderly residents' tales of how they gathered around their radios to listen to BBC's earliest broadcasts. In turn, the residents were deeply moved by the children's enthusiasm and talent, marvelling at how technology had changed since their own childhood days.