Signature House Staff Awards 2022

The team at Signature House in Dorchester, Dorset have been celebrated their annual Staff Awards recently.

The Awards were presented by Keren Wilkinson, Amica Care CEO and John Whittaker, the Chair of the Trustees.

The Awards acknowledged all staff working for the Trust, for their contributions to the homes during the past year. The winners received nominations from colleagues, residents and families.

The winner of each category received a certificate, and a gift from the Trust.

Please see below the list of winners for 2022:

Care Hero - Emma Harding
Support Colleague of the Year - Philippa Gunn 
Nurse of the Year - Sefora Noata
Team Player of the Year - Srimathi Tisera
Newcomer of the Year - Lisa Warne
Positive Attitude Award - Jamie Hill 
Living our Values - Jody Fellows
Always Growing Award - Josh Gimena
Leader of the year - Maria Neagoe
From L to R: P. Gunn - S. Noata

2From L to R: S. Tisera - J. Hill

3From L to R: J. Fellows - J. Gimena
M. Neagoe