Fostering Heartwarming Connections

St John's Court Nursing Home, nestled in Bromsgrove, welcomed Little Hands Daycare on World Storytelling Day, sparking joy and imagination across generations. 

Residents and staff eagerly greeted the children, setting up books and games for them to explore. 

Partnering with AI technology, St John's Court Nursing Home embraced innovation to enhance our storytelling experience. Prior to the nursery’s visit, residents engaged in the creative process, crafting stories with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). Each resident shared their unique narrative, igniting sparks of joy and inspiration among all participants.

The integration of AI facilitated storytelling and generated captivating images, enriching the experience for all.

Louise Martin, Home Manager, said: "Little Hands’ visit exemplifies the profound benefits of bridging generations through storytelling and technology. The laughter and smiles shared between our residents and the children of Little Hands Daycare showcase the positive impact of fostering connections that transcend age barriers."

While this marked the home's inaugural attempt, using the power of AI for storytelling enabled the home to spark creativity and stimulate cognitive function. The inter-generational exchange between residents and the preschoolers proved to be enriching for all involved, forming bonds built on shared imagination and mutual appreciation.

St John's Court and Little Hands Daycare are committed to continuing our partnership and are hoping to welcome the children back to the home on a monthly basis, fostering ongoing connections and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

St Johns Court x Little Hands Daycare 4