Amica Care's 12-Month Plan Unveiled

In the wake of Amica Care's acquisition of Ernstell House in September and the recent Trustees Away Day, our focus has moved towards evolving our strategy and we look forward with further optimism for the next 12 months to continue to grow our organisation, as well as continuing to improve the quality of care we provide in all our services.

An incredible amount of work has gone on behind the scenes in shaping what that future might look like for Amica Care. CEO Keren Wilkinson, Finance Director Helen Walford, Operations Manager Kerry Hunt, HR Manager Nicky Rendell and Marketing Co-ordinator Christelle Johnstone presented the new strategy to the board of Trustees in the Amica Care annual Away Day, and we are now ready to share it with all our colleagues.

Our mission is to provide exceptional care and support to all within our Amica Communities. We help to maintain independence, creating special moments and fulfilling lives.

Our vision remains to innovate, empower and inspire everyone to create vibrant communities and to live their best lives.

Our values are:

  • Positive attitude;
  • Kindness and respect;
  • Open and honest;
  • Working together and
  • Passion and joy

The plan for the next 12 months is an evolution of these principles, which have served us well since their inception in 2019.

We are filled with optimism about the future and are driven by a deep ambition to keep evolving and improving our services. Amica Care's new public benefit statement reflects our commitment as a not-for-profit organisation:

‘As a charity, we strive to maintain our fees at an affordable level and to be fair and transparent in the way that we calculate individual fee rates. 

‘Our staffing levels and average contact time with those who we care for reflect our charitable status and are generally higher than those found in similar homes operated in the commercial sector.’

Amica Care’s new plan will be built on six key pillars that the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) believes are key to achieving our target mission.

  1. For Amica Care to increase resident capacity through growth and development opportunities and ensuring the ongoing financial viability of the Trust.
  2. To create homely, comfortable environments, fit for the future of care, which support our residents' daily lives and improve their wellbeing.
  3. For all homes to obtain a minimum of 'Good' across all CQC fundamental standards and strive towards 'Outstanding' in the next 3 years.
  4. To be an Employer of Choice and to provide an exceptional colleague experience within the health and social care sector.
  5. To be the provider of choice, maintaining budgeted occupancy and achieving budgeted fee rates.
  6. To maintain required standards of governance in line with best practice and the Charities Commissions codes.

These six pillars all contain their own strategic objectives which align with Amica Care business plan.

Upon the announcement of this plan to the board of Trustees, Keren Wilkinson expressed her enthusiasm, saying:

"Amica Care is embarking on an exciting journey towards the future, and I have every confidence in our team's ability to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve. Together, we will continue to create exceptional moments and fulfil lives within all our services"