Advancing Care through Acoustic Monitoring Technology 

In an innovative move, the implementation of acoustic monitoring technology at St John’s Court in Bromsgrove and Signature House in Dorchester promises to revolutionise resident care. This new system aims to minimise physical night checks, providing an opportunity to assess the tangible benefits for both residents and staff. 

What is acoustic monitoring?  
Acoustic monitoring is a system that relies on sound to alert a central hub that something is happening in the environment. Over the last few years, acoustic monitoring has become an essential way to monitor those in care and nursing homes in a non-intrusive way. 

By alerting care givers to potential movement, they can swiftly check on residents and patients before an accident occurs – for example if they are attempting or struggling to get out of bed. Without the need for regular intrusive nighttime checks, service users can wake up feeling well-rested and content, making their time in the care home much more enjoyable. 

Elevating Care Homes with Assistive Technology 
The success of acoustic monitoring in other care homes is evident with data suggesting an 80% reduction in falls through the implementation of this technology. 

Staff can attend to those in need faster, leading to recorded improvements in residents’ well-being by preserving uninterrupted sleep. This contrasts with traditional practices that involve checking residents' rooms every hour, which can disrupt sleep, especially for those living with dementia. 

Connecting with Amica Care's electronic care management system, PCS (Person Centred Software), helps maintain a complete view of each resident's care plan. 

The two systems work together to record important information like medical history, health patterns, and daily activity involvement. Care workers use mobile devices to input observations in real-time, keeping information current and accurate. Families with access to the relatives' gateway can then view this information. 

Enhancing Care Quality Commission Outcomes 
Adopting the Care Quality Commission's new assessment, advanced technologies such as acoustic monitoring play a crucial role in achieving these goals. Amica Care's commitment to embracing innovative technologies reflects our ongoing dedication to enhance the care provided to residents.