Welcome to Our New Brand Name - Amica Care Trust

We are delighted to announce that Somerset Redstone Trust, a charitable provider of care for people, rebranded to Amica Care Trust on 7 January 2019.

Over the last 18 years, originating in Somerset, we now proudly operate care homes and independent living sites across England providing exceptional care and support.

To more accurately reflect our work and enable opportunities to market the Trust in pursuit of further growth a decision to rebrand was made.

We spoke to residents, family and staff to find out what mattered most to them, which led to the creation of our new mission, values, name and brand.

‘Our residents are central to everything we do which is why we wanted to involve them as much as we could.  Amica means friend, and that is what we represent to our residents and our brand colours represent our commitment to quality, fun and a bright future however long people stay with us’ Keren Wilkinson, CEO Amica Care Trust.