Nutrition & Hydration Week 2024

March 11th to 17th signifies an important event on the social care calendar — Nutrition and Hydration Week — a dedicated time to reinforce, focus, and energise for nutrition and hydration as foundational elements for maintaining health and wellbeing within health and social care settings.

Did you know that approximately 3 million individuals in the United Kingdom face the risk of malnutrition? This stark reality emphasises the importance of raising awareness and taking proactive measures to address this issue. Nutrition and Hydration Week serves as a reminder to prioritise the well-being of both ourselves and those around us.

In observance of this significant week, our care and nursing homes are coming together to contribute to raising awareness. Through a range of activities and initiatives, we are aiming to shed light on the critical importance of proper nutrition and hydration. From hosting global tea parties to crafting nutritious milkshakes, each endeavours serve to underscore the significance of these essential aspects of our health.

Hydration and Nutrition_Guide

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting awareness, we are pleased to share a comprehensive nutrition and hydration guide. This resource offers practical tips, insightful information, and guidelines to empower individuals in making informed choices about their dietary habits and hydration practices.