Housman Court Care Home Enjoy a Day Out

Keeping busy stimulates the brains of people living in a care home whilst boosting a sense of usefulness and accomplishment.  For this reason, Housman Court has always offered satisfying activities both inside and outside the home. 

How our residents live their lives on a daily basis is important to us, so we plan lifestyle activities in the home around each individual.  From the arts to well-being, we aim to keep both mind and body active.  Obviously, it has been a challenge during this crisis and we have had to think outside the box.

Our team at Housman Court were aware that their residents were missing their regular trips so we put our thinking caps on and arranged a couple of trips out in a mini bus to the Severn Valley Railway where we had their own beautiful carriage for the day. 

One of the residents said “it’s so nice to be out and about as we have all missed our regular trips so much”.

Another trip was to West Midlands Safari Park where our residents enjoyed seeing all of the different animals and it was such fun to drive around the Park in a lovely warm mini bus.

Our team did, of course, take extra precautions and risked assessed each trip to ensure our residents and our team were safe at all times.

Both trips were a huge success and we are looking forward to being able to get out and about again.