Application Guide

When it comes to an interview, you can never be too prepared!

Whether you are new to attending interviews or you are an experienced interviewee, thorough research and effective preparation are key and will help you to feel more confident during your interview.

Getting started

Read the job description carefully to ensure you fully understand the expectations of the role and the values required. The job description will help prepare you for what we are looking for and enable you to think of examples that prove you are the best candidate for the role.

Check the pay rate, hours and location to ensure the role is right for you.

Completing the Application Form and Preparing for Interview

Complete a detailed online application, be clear about your previous roles and experiences and add training or work experience you have undertaken.

Be clear with any gaps in employment and reasons for these.

State your most recent employers, in particular care providers, as your referee details.

Be guided by the job description and person specification. Highlight any transferable skills you may have relevant to the role that you can discuss during the interview.

Familiarise yourself with our values and think of experiences where you can demonstrate to the interviewer you have these values.

If you are applying for a role you have previously worked in, prepare yourself by thinking of relevant experiences you’ve had in that similar role and how you dealt with situations and what you learnt from these.

Show your interest in the role and company and think of reasons why you want the role.

Plan your journey and arrive in plenty of time, if you’ve got an issue and will be late or can no longer attend, ensure you ring and let us know beforehand!

Planning and preparing yourself for an interview will help you to feel more confident and relaxed on the day and enable you to do as well as you can – best of luck!




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